About Us

ABAC ™ is the acronym for the Academy of Bangla Arts and Culture.  ABAC, pronounced ‘awe-BAAK,‘ is a Bangla (or Bengali) word that connotes wonder or awe.

ABAC, the Academy of Bangla Arts and Culture, is a premier, non-profit, cultural organization, tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and has served the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex since 1989.

Our mission is to foster awareness and appreciation of Bangla arts and culture through immersive cultural experiences. ABAC’s productions are designed to elevate Bangla culture in a way that connects deeply with those who are Bengali and resonate deeply with those who are not, by presenting the shared human experiences and emotions in Bengali music, art, dance and literature.

With the enthusiastic support of our community, tax-deductible donations, and the selfless dedication and hard work of countless individuals across Dallas/Ft.Worth, we have been celebrating and Bangla culture for more than 30 years.