ABAC’s Bangla school was founded in 1997 as an endeavor to bring together members of the Bengali community across Dallas Fort Worth to introduce Bengali-American children to Bengali language and culture.  Over the years, it has evolved into a bigger community of students, teachers, volunteers and their families who work together to create a fun learning environment and experience for students.

Students learn in an immersive environment, gaining knowledge of the fundamentals of spoken Bangla, short poems and learning to read and write Bangla, in small classes and groups. 

Dance students learn classical and folk dance forms in order to develop a foundation of dancing to Bengali music in a way for them to develop an understanding of the practice, develop their own sense of movements and a deep understanding of various cultural aspects of Bengali festivals, history, folklore, and music.

Music students learn a myriad of Bangla songs including Rabindrasangeet, Nazrul Geeti, Folk and contemporary songs with the classical Alankars (sa, re, ga, ma…..).  These classes are designed to teach individuals across a broad spectrum of experience as singers and students are encouraged to learn in groups to enable discussion and interpretation of the music and words.

Classes are held in a beautiful ballet dance studio, Chamberlin School of Ballet (https://chamberlainschoolofballet.com/) in the heart of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex in Plano, Texas on Sunday afternoons. 

Our training is focused on modern, folk and classical dance, music and language that helps students build a strong foundation, techniques, creative presentation skills, choreography skills, and music appreciation.

We also spend considerable time with our students to nurture their creativity, communication and story-telling abilities in Bangla, while helping them build a community of Bengali-Americans with shared cultural experiences. These culminate into differentiating skills and new level of confidence as our kids prepare for college and adult life.

Currently, due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, we host all classes online via Zoom. This has opened up the door for us to reach and teach students across North America and we welcome students to sign up for online classes as we will continue them throughout 2021.